Chairperson: Nathan Gilkerson, Ph.D.

The advertising major teaches students to build brands in a global marketplace. To do that means engaging consumers, thinking strategically and gaining critical insights in order to create content that moves consumers to action—whether it be casting a vote, buying a product, visiting a website, re-tweeting a post, making a donation in support of a cause, building brand advocacy, etc. Students also learn the social, legal and ethical implications of advertising in a complex world.

The curriculum is both conceptual and applied with foundational courses in content ideation, copywriting, account planning, design, media strategy and campaigns with an array of electives in areas such as sports promotion, multiplatform content strategy, social and emerging media, social media analytics and international advertising and public relations, to name a few. These courses and a required internship allow students to specialize in a chosen area and develop a professional network.

Advertising Major

A total of 39 credits of course work must be completed for the major in advertising.

Required Courses

ADPR 2100Communication Design Toolbox3
ADPR 2200Media Writing3
ADVE 1400Advertising Principles3
ADVE 3000Consumer Insight and Brand Strategy3
ADVE 3400Content Ideation and Copywriting3
ADVE 3986Internship in Advertising3
ADVE 4100Advertising Media Strategy3
COMM 3800Media Law3
or COMM 3900 Ethical Problems of Mass Communications
ADVE 4997Advertising Campaigns3
or ADPR 4997 Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns
ADPR Culture course - choose one of the following:3
International Advertising and Public Relations
Strategic Communication in a Culturally Diverse Marketplace
ADPR Digital course - choose one of the following:3
Emerging and Social Media in a Dynamic Marketplace
Social Media Analytics and Measurement
Digital Content Strategy
Choose two electives (6 credits) from ADVE, PURE, ADPR and/or any of the following courses:6
Corporate Communication Principles
Corporate Advocacy
Introduction to Media Production
Script and Story
The Business of Entertainment
Corporate Media
Understanding Entrepreneurship
Basic News Photography
General Psychology
Introductory Social Psychology
Acting for Non-Theatre Majors
Total Credit Hours:39

The following courses are also required but do not count as hours in the major:

ECON 1001Introduction to Economics3
or ECON 1103 Principles of Microeconomics
MARK 3001Introduction to Marketing3
Total Credit Hours:6

Typical Program for Advertising Majors

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 1000 or 12003COMM 11003
COMM 10501COMM 1200 or 10003
ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3ADVE 14003
PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3
Elective6PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3
 16 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ADPR 22003COMM 25003
CORE 1929 (MCC)3ADVE 3000 or 34003
DSCV (MCC)1, 23Minor elective3
ECON 1001 or 11033DSCV (MCC)1, 23
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ADVE 3400 or 30003ADPR 4600 or 47503
MARK 30013ADVE 39863
COMM 3800 or 39003ADPR 4300, 4350, or 48503
DSCV (MCC)1, 23DSCV (MCC)1, 23
Minor elective3ADVE 4100 or ELECTIVE3
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ADVE 4997 or CORE 4929 (MCC)3ADVE 4997 or CORE 4929 (MCC)3
ADVE 4100 or ELECTIVE3Minor electives6
Minor elective6Major elective6
 15 15
Total Credit Hours: 121

Advertising Minor

Students are required to complete 18 credits (6 required and 12 elective credits) to complete the Advertising minor.

Required Courses

ADVE 1400Advertising Principles3
ADPR 2200Media Writing3
Choose two courses from ADVE and two additional courses from remaining ADVE or ADPR courses.12
Total Credit Hours:18

Advertising & Public Relations Courses

ADPR 2100. Communication Design Toolbox. 3 cr. hrs.

An applied, hands-on course that introduces students to the computing design software environment and the basics of Adobe Creative Suite and video editing software as tools to engage in the design process for the conceptualizaton and creation of communication design solutions. Prereq: STCM, ADVE, CCOM, or PURE major or minor; or cons. of instr.

ADPR 2200. Media Writing. 3 cr. hrs.

Factual and persuasive writing for the mass media. Introduction to and practice in newswriting, public relations writing and advertising copywriting. Basic information gathering. In-class writing exercises require use of computers. Prereq: ENGL 1001 or COMM 1100; declared ADVE, CCOM, PURE or STCM majors or minors; or cons. of instr.

ADPR 3200. Strategic Communication Design. 3 cr. hrs.

An applied course that teaches the fundamentals of cross-platform designs for strategic communication tactics, including print, digital, interactive, mobile and web-based media. Students learn basic design concepts and expand foundational technology skills to support public relations and marketing communication functions. Prereq: ADPR 2100; ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; declared ADVE, CCOM or PURE majors and minors.

ADPR 4000. Sports Promotion. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines how sport organizations attract fan attention and, ultimately, generate revenue by applying strategies and tactics related to public relations, advertising, marketing and sponsorship. Topics include sport promotion techniques, media relations, new technology, special event planning, ethics of the field, professionalism and career opportunities. Students learn about the practitioner's responsibilities to society, client/organization, fans, media and other practitioners. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800 or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors, and INSM minor.

ADPR 4300. Emerging and Social Media in a Dynamic Marketplace. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines the strategic uses, impact and implications of emerging and social media. Addresses the need to adapt to a digital, networked marketplace where change is the rule rather than the exception. Expands student knowledge of emerging and social media and their application to advertising and public relations challenges. Students use this knowledge to find more strategic and effective ways to communicate with clients, publics, target markets and other stakeholders. Prereq: ADVE 1400, CCOM 2000, PURE 1800 or STCM 1600; STCM, ADVE, CCOM, or PURE majors or minors; or cons. of instr.

ADPR 4350. Social Media Analytics and Measurement. 3 cr. hrs.

Focuses on social media analytics and measurement. Designed to train students to analyze metrics and maximize the digital success of brands. Using innovative examples and case studies, students focus on effectiveness and optimization while learning to apply analytic strategies and tools to build strong measurement competencies. Prereq: ADVE 1400, PURE 1800 or STCM 1600; STCM, ADVE or PURE majors or minors; or cons. of inst.

ADPR 4500. Account Management in Advertising and Public Relations. 3 cr. hrs.

Explores the fundamentals of account management for both agencies and clients, including for-profit brands and non-profit organizations. Students learn basic business practices was well as client and agency structures and functions. Topics covered range from project estimating and budgeting to time management, relationship building and sales. Agency reviews and supplier selection and management are also covered. The ethical aspects of account management are stressed. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800, declared ADVE or PURE majors and minors; or cons. of instr.

ADPR 4600. International Advertising and Public Relations. 3 cr. hrs.

Students develop knowledge and skills related to strategic communications within a global marketplace. A variety of topics are addressed including the role of culture in global communication, differences in styles of communication across international groups and the role brands play in this process. Content explores culture as it applies to advertising and public relations directed at different international audiences and globalization, while keeping in mind the importance of ethics and social responsibility. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800 or STCM 1600.

ADPR 4750. Strategic Communication in a Culturally Diverse Marketplace. 3 cr. hrs.

Designed to help students develop skills in an ever-diversifying marketplace. Addresses topics including transcultural marketing, the role of culture in communication, differences in styles of communication across groups and the role brands play in this process. Explores culture as directed to a broad range of people from multicultural audiences to immerging immigrant communities to generational marketing to LGBTQ communities and disabilities communities. Further, it leverages real world experiences by building connections to diverse local organizations. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800 or STCM 1600.

ADPR 4850. Digital Content Strategy. 3 cr. hrs.

Create content that builds brand awareness, creates brand preference and expands the brand’s reach by leveraging digital content. Provides tangible skills framed by digital strategy to deliver consistent, ongoing valuable content to consumers across multiple platforms. Prereq: ADVE 1400, PURE 1800 or STCM 1600; ADVE, PURE or STCM majors or minors; or cons. of instr.

ADPR 4953. Seminar in Advertising and Public Relations. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Specific subjects of seminars to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Variable topics. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 4961. Special Institute/Workshop/Project. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Project in Advertising and Public Relations to be determined by the instructor. Prereq: ADPR majors and minors.

ADPR 4995. Independent Study in Advertising and Public Relations. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Supervised study of a specific area or topic in Advertising and Public Relations. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

ADPR 4997. Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns. 3 cr. hrs.

Senior capstone that holistically integrates advertising and public relations. Students work in integrated groups to strategically plan, develop and present campaigns for real world clients. Campaigns include primary and secondary research and data analysis, objective setting and strategy development, media selection and message preparation, and creation of tactics to launch the campaign. Culminates in formal, competitive presentations to peers, instructor, client and industry professionals. Prereq: ADVE major and ADVE 1400, ADVE 3000, ADVE 3400 and ADVE 4100; or PURE major and PURE 1800, PURE 3600, PURE 3800; or STCM major and STCM 1600, STCM 3400, ADVE 3000, ADVE 4100 and PURE 3800.

ADPR 4999. Senior Thesis. 1-3 cr. hrs.

The application of rigorous methodology in developing and writing a thesis under the direction of an adviser. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

Advertising Courses

ADVE 1400. Advertising Principles. 3 cr. hrs.

An overview of advertising as it relates to marketing and mass media. The course examines the advertising industry, including advertisers, advertising media and ad agencies, advertising history, its social and economic effects, advertising law and ethical standards. Students are introduced to the advertising planning process: product, market and consumer research, creative and media strategy, production of messages and evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

ADVE 3000. Consumer Insight and Brand Strategy. 3 cr. hrs.

Introduces advertising account planning and enhances basic research skills while focusing on strategic brand planning and consumer insight. Course materials include a review of secondary and research methods, an introduction into social analytics and investigations into a range of strategic planning models. Topics include: audience analysis and personas, consumer journeys and mind mapping, strategic planning and modeling and writing creative briefs. Prereq: ADVE 1400, PURE 1800 or STCM 1600; COMM 2500 or MARK 4060; ADVE, PURE or STCM majors or minors.

ADVE 3400. Content Ideation and Copywriting. 3 cr. hrs.

Focuses on ideation and creative messaging with an emphasize on copywriting. Explores ideation as a means of creating concepts that can move across multiple media platforms, as well as preform in non-mediated spaces. Covers ideation, strategy, creative appeals and the fundamentals of copywriting. Presented in a lecture/lab format where students present and critique their work. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; ADPR 2200; declared ADVE or PURE majors and minors.

ADVE 3986. Internship in Advertising. 3 cr. hrs.

Work experience in advertising in specific organizational settings, supervised by an approved professional coupled with related academic work assigned. Approval of departmental internship director required in advance of internship. May be taken more than once to a maximum of three credits total. 0 credit is SNC/UNC grade assessment; 1-3 credits is S/U grade assessment. Prereq: ADPR 2200 and ADVE 1400 and cons. of dept. ch.; or ADVE 1400 and JOUR 1100 and cons. of dept. ch.

ADVE 4100. Advertising Media Strategy. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines insight-driven media strategy in advertising. Course material builds upon on an historical perspective and discussion of the core purpose and value of media strategy. Students review and evaluate a wide variety of media options, from conventional and digital media platforms to emerging applications and channels. Provides an understanding of and instruction in the use of leading consumer research, planning and buying analytics and methods used for evaluation of media planning, execution and stewardship. Prereq: ADVE 1400, PURE 1800 or STCM 1600; COMM 2500 or MARK 4060; ADVE, PURE or STCM majors or minors; or cons. of inst.

ADVE 4400. Advanced Advertising Copywriting. 3 cr. hrs.

A continuation of ADVE 3400. Emphasis on formulating strategy and producing executions for coordinated, multi-media campaigns. Each student creates a portfolio which showcases his or her talent and ability to work as a professional copywriter. Prereq: ADVE 3400; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

ADVE 4995. Independent Study in Advertising. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Supervised study of a specific area or topic in Advertising Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

ADVE 4997. Advertising Campaigns. 3 cr. hrs.

Capstone course that simulates the full advertising campaign process. The first part of the course focuses on cultural and market forces. The second part focuses on a full campaign, created by students working in teams, for a real client and incorporates skills from previous courses. Instruction emphasizes the skills necessary to present strategic points of view and creative work. Prereq: ADVE major and ADVE 1400, ADVE 3000, ADVE 3400, ADVE 4100.