Libraries Overview

Marquette’s Raynor Memorial Libraries and Ray and Kay Eckstein Law Library support the university’s teaching, research and service mission by providing access to vast collections of recorded knowledge as well as a variety of research services, friendly expertise, technology tools and collaborative spaces.

Raynor Memorial Libraries

Raynor Library offers welcoming, learning-centered 24/5 spaces with a host of services and resources that support discovery, research and knowledge-sharing. The library serves as a “third space” beyond the classroom and residence halls, featuring comfortable, technology-enhanced areas for individual and group study, a podcast/video editing room, a meditation room and laptop loans.

Marquette students and faculty can tap a wealth of expertise at Raynor Library. Personalized research support (in person and online) and online research guides are available for the full range of Marquette’s academic disciplines. Raynor librarians also offer course-based support for information literacy and research skill development and digital scholarship services.

Access to robust research collections is one of Raynor Library’s signature services. The main collection’s more than 1.5 million printed volumes are complemented by more than 500 research databases, 2.5 million e-books, 64,000 journals and 32,000 electronic publications produced by Marquette’s own scholarly community. Raynor Library’s archives are also home to many unique research and historical collections, with strengths in J.R.R. Tolkien, Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement, Catholic Native America and Marquette history.

For more information on Raynor Library and to find your subject liaison librarian, visit the Raynor Library website.

Law Library

The primary mission of the Marquette University Law Library is to support the research activities of the Marquette University Law School students and faculty. The law librarians who hold both a law degree and a library degree teach a variety of law-related research courses within the law school and a number of legal research sessions for various departments on campus.

The Law Library is located in Eckstein Hall. The Law Library maintains a comprehensive electronic and a selective print collection of primary legal materials from all federal and state jurisdictions as well as a collection of selected international and comparative legal materials. In addition, the Law Library provides the entire campus with electronic subscriptions to resources that include ProQuest federal legislative history materials and HeinOnline. The Law Library is a selective depository of federal government law-related documents. The Law Library subscribes to a number of electronic legal research databases available to anyone using the Law Library. Law Library users may also access a comprehensive collection of both print and electronic Wisconsin legal research resources while in the law building.

For more information about the Eckstein Law Library, visit the Law Library website.