About the Bulletin

The Marquette University bulletin governs curricular requirements for all students entering Marquette University programs during a given academic year. The curricular requirements for all active academic programs are outlined herein and are applicable to new students and readmitted students who have stopped out for more than one year. All academic policy and course additional/revisions apply to all students as of the date they become effective, regardless of whether they were in effect at the time the student initially enrolled at Marquette. Students are responsible for all content contained herein and are encouraged to consult with their advisers throughout their tenure at Marquette. This bulletin is archived at the end of the academic year and continues to be available online. The university reserves the right to amend any of its academic programs, requirements for degrees, tuition, fees, etc., at any time, in its sole discretion.

From the President

At Marquette University, the entire community is dedicated to the academic success and personal growth of our students. The university’s commitment to academic excellence is complemented by a grounding in the centuries-old Jesuit concept, cura personalis, which calls us to appreciate and respect the individual hopes, desires, aspirations and concerns of all members of the Marquette community.

In this spirit, this bulletin has been created to guide you in planning your academic career and professional development. With its descriptions of academic majors and required courses, study abroad opportunities, services for students and policies, it is a resource to help you choose the path at Marquette that best suits you, fosters your growth and prepares you for the challenges, rewards, leadership and service that await you when you complete your work here. Use it in the spirit of Father Jacques Marquette, the 17th century Jesuit explorer for whom our university is named. Let his embrace of the unfamiliar, his openness to new opportunities and his strong sense of purpose inspire you as you explore the offerings of this outstanding university.

You have my prayers that our loving and gracious God will bless you in your academic work at Marquette.

Michael R. Lovell, Ph.D.

From the Provost

A Marquette education goes beyond the educational foundation your courses provide. You will receive the guidance of faculty who are experts in their fields and who truly believe in the teacher-scholar model. Our faculty and staff are here to help guide your growth intellectually, emotionally and spiritually during your time at Marquette. They are a valuable resource, and I encourage you to seek their advice and listen to their experience-informed perspectives. Your time on campus offers you the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and, in the spirit of Ignatian reflection, learn from this engagement.

You will have the opportunity to take advantage of leadership opportunities in service learning and student organizations. It will be an opportunity that I hope transforms you into leaders who seek answers to life’s deepest questions and contribute to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

This bulletin can serve as a roadmap for your time here at Marquette. It describes the range of majors and courses Marquette offers, graduation requirements, academic policies and procedures, and experiential learning opportunities that exist both inside and outside of the classroom. I hope you find it a helpful resource as you register for classes and plan ahead for future semesters.

The Marquette community is truly a family – one that extends beyond our campus community to the 115,000+ alumni who lead and serve in the fields of law, engineering, business, medicine, education, dentistry, the humanities, social sciences and communication throughout the world. My hope is that through your experiences here you will leave Marquette better than you found it. I know that you will contribute your unique gifts to enrich the diversity of our campus community and hope that you, transformed by your education, will go out to transform the world in which you live.

Kimo Ah Yun, Ph.D.