Spanish for Health Care (Introductory), Concentration

There is a well-documented need for culturally-competent healthcare in Spanish in the United States. Responding to that need, the Introductory Spanish for Health Care concentration is designed to advance students with no or little basic knowledge of Spanish to intermediate-low proficiency as part of their professional preparation. By the end of the program, having successfully completed all activities and assignments, students will:

  • Develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.
  • Discuss cultural readings from the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Successfully handle a limited number of uncomplicated communicative tasks by creating with the language in straightforward social situations.
  • Successfully handle conversation restricted to some of the concrete exchanges and predictable topics necessary for survival in the target-language culture.
  • Be generally understood by sympathetic interlocutors, particularly by those accustomed to dealing with non-natives.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and respect toward the Spanish-speaking communities.

The concentration consists of three courses to be determined by the student's initial language proficiency. Students with little to no proficiency in Spanish should choose Option 1. Students with three to four years of high school Spanish and who placed into intermediate-level Spanish should choose Option 2. All students are advised to take a Medical Seal of Biliteracy test at the end of the program.