Second/Additional Bachelor Degree

Students with a baccalaureate degree who wish to further their education are strongly encouraged to consider the option of graduate school, rather than pursuing an additional baccalaureate degree.

Additional bachelor degree students who have earned a bachelor's degree at Marquette must be readmitted to the university to pursue another baccalaureate degree (See the Readmission Policy).

Students who have earned their baccalaureate degree at an institution other than Marquette and wish to pursue an additional baccalaureate degree from Marquette are admitted via the Undergraduate admissions process.

Students who are currently pursuing a first bachelor's degree, may, with the written approval of their college and the college offering the degree, concurrently enroll in two bachelor degree programs. Students fill out the Undergraduate Add/Drop a Concurrent Second Degree form, located on the Marquette Central website, to facilitate this process. If approved, a degree plan must be provided by the college to the Office of the Registrar. The plan must delineate clearly which courses apply to the first degree and which apply to the second degree and, with the exception of awarding Graduation Latin Honors, all other conditions specified in the Additional Bachelor's Degree admission section of this bulletin apply.

To earn concurrent degrees, the university degree, primary major and all other requirements attached to each degree/primary major must be completed during the same term. A minimum of 32 upper-division credits must be earned that are unique to each degree program. When this is the case, both degrees are eligible for Graduation Latin Honors, if qualified. For those students who do not complete the requirements for both degrees/primary majors in the same term, the unearned additional degree/major must be withdrawn; and, students who desire to complete the second degree/major must be readmitted as second bachelor degree students, and all requirements for the additional degree/major apply. (See the Readmission Policy)