Non-Degree Undergraduate Students

  1. Non-degree undergraduate students are eligible to take only undergraduate courses, and only if qualified to take these courses. Non-degree students who are attending Marquette through contractual agreements may be allowed to take graduate courses if determined to be qualified by the academic unit offering the courses.
  2. Non-degree students may not earn a degree, major, minor or specialization.
  3. All university academic regulations in this bulletin apply to non-degree undergraduate students. 
  4. Non-degree students are held to the same credit load limits per semester as degree-seeking undergraduate students.  Lower limits may be applied to dual enrollment or other non-degree students attending Marquette through contractual agreements.
  5. Ordinarily, non-degree students may accumulate a maximum of 24 credits at Marquette. Authorization from the college into which non-degree students are admitted is required before students may exceed this limit. However, twenty-four credit hours earned at Marquette University in non-degree status are the maximum that may be applied toward a degree in all disciplines, with the exception of nursing, in which only 12 credit hours may be applied.
  6. The university’s policy and procedures governing academic censure outlined in this bulletin apply to non-degree students and are exercised as necessary by the university and/or colleges. Non-degree students are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress at Marquette University. Students' progress in these areas is monitored regularly by the Academic Censure Committee of the university and/or the college office into which the non-degree student is admitted.
  7. With the exception of those undergraduate non-degree students admitted for the purpose of taking qualified pre-requisites before they can enter a graduate or professional program, non-degree students are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  8. Test and/or transfer courses/credits are not applied to non-degree students' records. To have any test or transfer courses accepted by the university, non-degree students must apply to be degree-seeking.
  9. Non-degree students who wish to become degree-seeking, must apply via the Undergraduate Office of Admissions and are held to all of the requirements outlined in the Admission to the Undergraduate Colleges section of this bulletin.
  10. When admitted as degree-seeking, the degree requirements in effect at the time of admission as a degree-seeking student apply.