Credit Hour

The semester hour is the unit of academic credit used by Marquette University. Following is the minimally required contact hours for classes and is based on a 15-week semester:

  1. Classroom Based Courses:  must meet a minimum of 50 minutes per credit per week. In addition, it is assumed that an additional workload is assigned to equal 2 hours of coursework outside the classroom for each 50 minutes of meeting time (e.g., a total of 170 minutes per credit, per week).
  2. Blended and Non-Classroom Based Courses:  must include some form of instruction and/or homework and/or activity that equals a minimum of 170 minutes per credit, per week.
  3. Those courses that meet in a compressed format (i.e., fewer than 15 weeks), must make up the minimum of 170 minutes per credit, per week within the time frame of the course offering.

Semester hour credit is given only in accordance with descriptions for individual courses, as published in the University Bulletin. No credit is given for a course in which a student has not registered.

Credit for courses pursued at another educational institution while simultaneously enrolled at Marquette (concurrent registration) are not allowed, unless specifically authorized by the dean. See Study at Other Institutions policy of this bulletin.

All Graduate School continuation courses shall be graded Satisfactory No Credit (SNC) or Unsatisfactory No Credit (UNC) and charged at the stated fee by the Office of the Bursar as listed on the Marquette Central website.