Transfer (Internal) to Another Undergraduate College within the University

The various colleges of Marquette University operate under the jurisdiction of separate deans. Therefore, enrolled undergraduate students wishing to transfer from one college to another must submit a formal Application for Internal Transfer located on the Marquette Central academic forms website. Various criteria may be considered by the colleges during review of the request, including, but not limited to: current Grade Point Average, cumulative Grade Point Average, prior academic record and prior academic misconduct issues. This internal transfer decision is at the discretion of the dean/dean designee and the decision of the dean/dean designee is final. If the application for internal transfer is approved, the degree requirements of the college in effect at the time of the internal transfer are normally the degree requirements students must follow. Because Marquette conducts early registration, which begins several months prior to the start of each term, it is to students' advantage to apply and be admitted to the transfer college as early as possible. A completed application must be submitted, as per the instructions on the form, no later than one week before the start of the session into which students wish to enroll. The College of Nursing has alternative deadlines. The internal transfer deadlines are found on the Academic Calendar.

Note: Colleges reserve the right to rescind an internal transfer approval following final grading of each term, should students fall below the academic standards of the new college. In addition, students who are academically dismissed at the end of a term and have already been admitted to another another college within the university for the subsequent term, must appeal the dismissal to the new college. For more information see the Academic Censure policy in this bulletin.