Readmission - Undergraduate

Readmission to the University

Undergraduate students who have failed to enroll in one term (excluding summer) and wish to return to Marquette, must apply for readmission. This is required for former students, other than the students addressed in the Change of Status section above, who wish to complete a first bachelor’s degree, pursue an additional bachelor’s degree or take courses for professional or personal development. In all cases students must be fully readmitted to the university prior to the session in which they wish to register (see the Academic Calendar for published deadlines) and policies in effect at the time of return apply.

Readmission is not considered for former students with an outstanding balance of $3,000 or more already owed the university, or who have an active Student Affairs/Development or Office of the Registrar registration hold on their record. Various criteria may be considered by the colleges during the review of readmission requests, including, but not limited to: current Grade Point Average, cumulative Grade Point Average, prior academic record and prior academic misconduct issues. The academic status of students at the time of withdrawal, or when withdrawn from the university, remains in effect at the time of readmission. The decision for readmission is at the discretion of the dean and the decision of the dean is final.

Note: In no cases are former students' degree/major/minor/concentration rescinded for the purpose of earning an additional concurrent degree and/or major and/or minor and/or concentration. In addition, students may not be readmitted for the sole purpose of earning a major/minor/concentration, without a concurrent degree. For further information, see the Graduation Record section of the Undergraduate Graduation Policy in this bulletin.

Readmission to First Undergraduate Degree

Former bachelor degree-seeking Marquette University students must submit an Application for Readmission form located on the Marquette Central website to return after a lapse of one full term (excluding summer) or if their conditions of dismissal/withdrawal require readmission to the university. Readmitted former students normally meet the degree requirements which prevail at the time of readmission. Policies in effect at the time of return also apply to all students, regardless of the term of initial enrollment. Students may not be readmitted to a degree, major and/or minor that is no longer active.

Marquette conducts registration several months prior to the start of each term. Students are encouraged to apply for readmission as early as possible. Application forms must be submitted by the appropriate session deadline for readmission, as published in the Academic Calendar.

Re-entering students who attended any other institution since leaving Marquette must request that an official transcript from each school be sent directly to Marquette University. Official transcripts for any other institution attended since leaving Marquette should be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar. The transcript(s) must be received before the application for readmission is considered. Transcript(s) must be mailed directly to Marquette University by the other institution(s), or delivered electronically via a secured third party which is verified by the sending institution. Transcript(s) are not accepted by Marquette if routed through the student. Records of applicants for readmission, including previous work at Marquette University, are subject to review and to a new evaluation of credits.

Non-Degree to Degree-Seeking Readmission

Non-degree students who wish to become degree-seeking must apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and are held to the degree requirements and policies in effect at the time of admission as degree-seeking students. See the Admission with Non-Degree Status in this section of this bulletin for more information.

Readmission to Second / Additional Undergraduate Degree

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree from Marquette with good scholastic records may be admitted to pursue an additional baccalaureate degree from Marquette and are held to the degree requirements and policies in effect at the time of readmission.

Additional baccalaureate degree students must complete all of the requirements of the university and college offering the degree into which they are admitted, as well as any other requirements associated with the major and/or additional degree. Students who completed a bachelor's degree from Marquette under the University Common Core of Studies (UCCS) are not required to complete the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) requirements. The minimum residence requirement is 32 semester credits of upper-division Marquette credit and must be earned above and beyond any other degree, whether pursuing concurrently, or previously awarded. Note: Some degrees require more than the minimum. These students are not eligible for Graduation Latin honors. Additional bachelor's degree students may be eligible for Federal Stafford loans; however, are not eligible for other federal, state or Marquette institutional aid.

Students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree and wish to further their education are encouraged to consider the option of applying for admission to a graduate program.

Readmission with Non-degree Status

Former non-degree Marquette students, who wish to return as non-degree, or former Marquette bachelor degree-seeking students and graduates of Marquette who wish to enroll in courses for personal or professional development only, must apply for readmission as non-degree students. Policies in effect at the time of return apply to all students, regardless of the term of initial enrollment.

Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.