Examinations (Midterm and Final) - Undergraduate

Midterm Exams/Grades

The university requires that midterm grades be assigned to students in most undergraduate courses and that these grades are based on appropriate written evidence of achievement at the time of grading. Midterm grades are assigned mid-way through the fall and spring term, as per the deadline in the Academic Calendar. Mid-term grades are factored into the final grade assigned at the end of the session in which the class is scheduled. The university deadline for changing of an incomplete grade does not apply to mid-term grades and as such, any missing assignments/exams that contributed to a mid-term incomplete grade must be completed by the end of the session.

In some cases, assigning of midterm grades is optional: Courses shorter than sixteen weeks; Exchange; Marquette-Led Study Abroad; Workshop/Institute/Studio; Practicum/Clinical/Field Experience/Student Teaching; Internship/Externship; Independent Study/Research; Labs; Senior Capstone; Senior Project; Senior Thesis. If midterm grades are, or are not, assigned in these courses, instructors include this information in the syllabus distributed at the beginning of the term. All other undergraduate courses require a midterm grade. Make-up examinations are at the discretion of the instructor, as outlined in the instructor’s attendance policy.

Final Exams/Grades

Final examinations are held in most subjects and must be held on the days/times, as published on the university calendar website. No final exam may be rescheduled for the convenience of the faculty or students. Students' achievement during the term/session in each subject and, expressed as a letter grade, is based on the combined results of class work, examinations and any other grading criteria set forth in the course syllabus. Once a final permanent grade is assigned, no additional work may be submitted by students.

Should students have more than three final examinations scheduled on one day, and these examinations are not in the form of a team project presentation, a take-home examination or a final paper, students have the option to reschedule one of those final examinations. Students must contact their college office prior to examination week to reschedule an examination. The decision of which examination is rescheduled is at the discretion of the college.

Students who miss a final examination risk receiving a failing grade for the course. Students are held to the standard, as outlined in the instructor's attendance policy, which is distributed at the beginning of each term. In addition, the ability to make-up examinations is outlined in the University Attendance Policy, or at the discretion of the instructor, as outlined in the university policy and/or the instructor’s attendance policy.