Africana Studies, BA

Director: Chima Korieh, Ph.D.

Africana Studies or Black Studies is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to studying and understanding the cultural, political, social, economic and historical experiences of African Americans, Africans and peoples of African descent around the world. Students who pursue the major/minor in Africana Studies come from all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They are unified by a common desire to enlarge and enrich their intellectual horizons through a critical and systematic examination of the artistic, economic, historical, literary, philosophical, political, economic, sociological, scientific and theological contributions of people of African descent to U.S. society and culture. Students take core courses in History, English, Philosophy, Sociology and Theology and augment these with at least five electives to complete the major. Approved electives are listed, but we recognize that numerous sections of more general courses also focus on Africana studies issues. If you would like to take such courses, contact the program director for approval in advance of enrolling.

Students are encouraged to develop five-course concentrations in areas of particular interest. Possibilities include a disciplinary focus such as literature or sociology or an area focus such as American urban studies. Concentrations should be designed with a major adviser and require approval by the director of the program.