Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Chairperson: Anne Clough, Ph.D.
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The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers a unique learning environment with areas of study ranging from pure and applied mathematics to mathematics education and statistics.

The Mathematics major (MATH) explores the interplay between the pure theory and the practical applications of mathematics. The mathematics curriculum can be tailored to an individual's interests with a focus in pure mathematics, applied mathematics or actuarial science, statistics, as well as secondary education. In any case, the curriculum is designed to provide technical skills for growth within the discipline and for success in a wide variety of careers.

The Computational Mathematics major (COMA) provides an enriching blend of courses in applied mathematics augmented with computer science courses. The Computational Mathematics curriculum develops the computing skills required for many of today’s applications.

The Statistical Science major (STSC) targets the growing demand for talented statisticians by integrating mathematical foundations and statistical thinking together with computational proficiency with modern computational statistical tools.

The Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers major (MELT) is for College of Education students who are seeking teaching certification at the elementary school level, while obtaining strong mathematical preparation. This program is designed to prepare “mathematics specialists” who provide vision, focus and leadership in elementary schools.

Data Science is the emerging field that seeks to extract and quantify knowledge from data. The Interdisciplinary Data Science major (INDS) integrates statistics and mathematics with computer science, allowing students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to discover and quantify new knowledge from data. Those prepared to integrate advanced technology with modern statistical and mathematical practices have the opportunity to use data in action to benefit society. Data scientists turn data into knowledge.

Accelerated Bachelor's–Master's and Bachelor's– M.B.A. Degree Programs

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers a five-year B.S./M.S. accelerated degree program in which students may obtain both an B.S. degree in a variety of undergraduate majors such as Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or Economics and a professional master of science (M.S.) degree in Applied Statistics in five years. In addition, together with the Graduate School of Management, the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers a five-year B.S./M.B.A. accelerated degree program.