Latin American Studies, BA

Director: Laura Matthew, Ph.D.

Latin American Studies has come a long way from its foundations more than fifty years ago to forge new and critical questions about Latin American and hemispheric identity, diversity, borders, sustainability and social justice. Rapid environmental change, transnational political movements, and global migration to and through the region are just some of the shared issues between North and South America (including the Caribbean), with widespread implications. Understanding this area, its history and its cultures also opens the door to a better understanding of the U.S. Latino/a/x population, which now constitutes nearly one-fifth of our country’s population. The goals of the Latin American Studies (INLA) major, as well as the INLA minor, are to foster interdisciplinary study and research in topics related to Latin American Studies, to promote the interaction of Marquette students with Latin American communities both in Milwaukee and abroad and to advance the pursuit of social justice in the region. A degree in INLA provides advantages to job-seeking graduates in a variety of fields, including international diplomacy, international aid and development, business, banking, local and international nongovernmental organizations, journalism, health care, law, immigration services and more. The INLA major can easily be completed in four years regardless of whether or not the student enters Marquette with Spanish language proficiency.