Social and Cultural Sciences

Chairperson: Meghan S. Stroshine, Ph.D.
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences website

The Department of Social and Cultural Sciences is a multidisciplinary department, offering four undergraduate majors (Anthropology [ANTH], Criminology and Law Studies [CRLS], Sociology [SOCI] and Social Welfare and Justice [SOWJ]) and a Master's degree in Criminal Justice Data Analytics (CJDA).  A degree in any one or more of our majors equips students with a broad liberal arts perspective as well as specific skills and areas of knowledge about individual and societal behaviors, interactions and processes, values and social institutions and important socio-economic and socio-political issues of the day.

Because the social sciences are so integral to a quality education that prepares a student for a fulfilling life, many of the courses offered are approved for the Marquette Core Curriculum, which all students are required to take. Also, many of our courses are integral to several interdisciplinary majors and minors that Marquette University offers, such as Law and Society; Culture, Health and Illness; Family Studies; Africana Studies; International Affairs; Peace Studies; and Gender and Sexualities Studies.

The department also offers an internship program for any senior in one of the four majors within the department. Moreover, the department offers students the opportunity to expand their educational horizons by pursuing two majors within the department.


  • A maximum of two approved courses within the department may be counted toward the completion of both majors.
  • Only one course is allowed to double count between a major/minor or two minors in the department.
  • ANTH 4986 Advanced Internship in AnthropologyCRLS 4986 Advanced Internship and Seminar in Criminology and Law Studies and SOCI 4986 Advanced Internship and Seminar in Sociology may not be counted toward the major or minor in Anthropology, Criminology and Law Studies or Sociology. SOWJ 4986 Advanced Internship in Social Welfare and Justice may be counted toward the SOWJ major, but not the SOWJ minor.