Latinx Studies, Minor

Director: Laura Matthew, Ph.D.

Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the people, cultures and communities of those of Hispanic and/or Latin American descent, including the Caribbean, in the United States. While Latin American Studies takes a hemispheric approach that may focus on a specific country or region and can include any disciplinary methodology, Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary field within Race and Ethnic Studies that focuses on the Latino/a/x experience in the United States.
Latinx Studies provides Marquette students with a better understanding of the variety of Latin American, Caribbean, and Hispanic cultures that exist in the United States and the diverse cultural and historical contributions that these populations have made to this country. These experiences are considered within the context of contemporary and historical political realities that shape issues ranging from immigration and citizenship, law and justice, health care, education, policing and gender, to questions concerning artistic expression, language and identity. Knowledge of Spanish is not required for this program; interested students may choose, however, to take courses in Spanish to fulfill program requirements.