Chairperson: Adam Fiedler, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry website

The Marquette University Chemistry Department offers several areas of study with outstanding facilities and research opportunities for undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers related to chemistry or biochemistry. Three different majors are available: Chemistry, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (jointly with Biological Sciences) and Chemistry and Science Education (for students enrolled in the College of Education or as a secondary major). Students majoring in Chemistry can apply for the Disciplinary Honors Program in Chemistry, which provides experiential learning opportunities, such as independent research, internships, research-based laboratory courses and accompanying seminars. A minor in chemistry is also available.

The chemistry major offers five distinct concentrations, each of which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree: American Chemical Society Certified, Chemistry of Materials, Energy and the Environment, Medicinal Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, and Forensic Chemistry. Each concentration requires 23 credits of core chemistry course work and 8 credits of cognates in Physics along with 29-38 credits of additional course work depending on the concentration chosen.

Through course and laboratory work, we emphasize developing the whole scientist. This prepares students for many fields, including research and development, chemistry, dental and medical careers, pharmacy, business, technical sales and marketing, law and education.

In addition, together with the Graduate School of Management, the Department of Chemistry offers a five-year B.S./M.B.A. accelerated degree program.