Cognitive Science, BS

Director: Corinne Bloch-Mullins, Ph.D.

Cognitive science is the study of cognition – thought, learning and mental organization – through the integrated use of tools and concepts from psychology, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, biology, and anthropology. Cognitive scientists ask questions such as: How do we perceive sensory input? How do we process information? What processes underly learning and memory? How do we develop concepts? Can machines think?

The cognitive science major offers students a unique opportunity to study the mind from a variety of perspectives and through a broad range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies, and explore the ways in which the different disciplines come together to illuminate various aspects of cognition. During their final term, students participate in an interdisciplinary capstone course that draws on their four years in the program to tackle, in novel ways, big questions about cognition.

Graduates of cognitive science programs enjoy a wide range of professional careers and graduate programs opportunities. These opportunities include psychology, medicine, law, research, software development, information technology, education, marketing and communication, industrial design and more.