Chairperson: Andrew G. Meyer, Ph.D.
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Some disciplines train you to be a specialist. The discipline of Economics is a way of thinking about the world and factors that influence and shape human actions. Economists have applied their science to the study of many forms of human endeavor and seek solutions to business and societal problems to help people lead more fruitful lives. A major in Economics gives students the tools to apply analytical reasoning to a variety of issues and problems. Those issues and problems intersect with many other disciplines, so one can pair Economics with a range of other majors to craft a personalized curriculum. Whether students are interested in a career in private industry, government, public policy or the nonprofit sector, a degree in economics provides students with the tools to succeed. Being in a vibrant metropolitan area offers a great many advantages to our students, including access to internships with many top firms and organizations within the Milwaukee metro area. Our internships are carefully designed to guarantee that students attain valuable work experience. Our alumni have gone on to successful careers in many different areas including, but not limited to, policy analysts, practicing attorneys, futures traders, banking analysts and business consultants. In addition, students take part in unique opportunities such as the Applied Global Business Learning program, which allows students to apply their economic skills in developing countries, and the Czech Republic program, where students learn about international business issues in the European Union.