Withdrawal - Undergraduate

Undergraduate Withdrawal Policy

Classes are removed from the academic record when students drop those classes before the deadline to Add/Drop, as published in the Academic Calendar, for the session in which the class is scheduled. After this deadline, classes remain permanently on students' records and may not be removed. Once a permanent grade is assigned, it is not changed except in cases of institutional error or policy requirements. Students are not withdrawn from any class after the last day of the session in which a class(es) is scheduled.

Students assume responsibility for the consequences that ensue as a result of any withdrawal grade. These consequences may include but are not limited to: a delay in graduation, denial of readmission, external institutions/entities viewing these grades as failing, loss of eligibility for certain scholarships and/or financial aid, loss of full-time or part-time status and/or loss of a refund.

Federal financial aid regulations require that the university submit notification of all changes in status by students (full-time to half-time, etc.) to the U.S. Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System within a certain time frame. The university therefore reserves the right to withdraw students from any class when it is evident they did not start the class (grade of UW); stopped attending the class (grade of WA or WF, as appropriate-see Grading section above); or, due to incapacity, must be withdrawn from the class (grade of W). This policy is in effect for all students, regardless of any financial aid award.

Failure to officially withdraw from classes, or the university, according to established deadlines in the Academic Calendar, the procedures referenced below and the timelines, as published by the Bursar's Office, does not relieve students of their responsibility to pay for any tuition/fees owed for such classes. In addition, if students cease attendance by dropping, withdrawing, or for any other reason from all federal aid eligible courses in a payment period, those students must be considered withdrawn for federal aid purposes. Students' financial aid is adjusted as required by federal and state refund calculations and institutional policy, based on the last date of attendance, as reported by the students' college. Students' withdrawals are reported to the National Student Loan Data System when any loan deferments need to be canceled at the time of withdrawal. Finally, the date on which withdrawal forms are submitted to the university is the date used for any tuition refund calculations.

The period for withdrawing from classes (W grade), or the term, is the day after the last day to Add/Drop for a session, until the withdrawal deadline, as specified in the Academic Calendar. After the withdrawal deadline, students who wish to withdraw, are assigned the appropriate grade, as outlined in the Grading Section above.

Students who fail to manifest, at any time, those qualities to be appropriate and necessary to the professional field for which they are preparing, withdrawal from the program, the university or any class may be initiated by the college and grades of ADW are assigned.

These policies are in effect for all students, regardless of any financial aid award and/or scholarships they receive.

Withdrawal Procedures

Students should review the Marquette Central website for procedures related to withdrawing from single classes or the university.

Unexcused Withdrawals

Students who register, never attend and fail to officially withdraw from a class, are withdrawn because of non-attendance. This action results in a permanent grade of UW on the academic record that may not be replaced with any other grade. In addition, failure to follow the outlined procedures and timelines as listed in the Withdrawal section above and to officially withdraw from classes, does not relieve students of the responsibility to pay for any tuition/fees owed for such classes. It is the responsibility of all students to determine if there are any financial aid and/or scholarship consequences to the grade of UW.

Medical Withdrawal

Refer to the Medical Withdrawal Policy.