Withdrawal - Dental School

Dental School Withdrawal Policy

This section applies to both sections below: From Dentistry and from Courses

Dropping any class before the deadline to Add/Drop for the session in which the class is scheduled, results in removal of the class from the students' academic record. Once this deadline for the session has passed, as published in the Academic Calendar, classes remain permanently on the record and may not be removed. Once a permanent grade is assigned, it is not changed except for institutional error or as outlined in university policies.

Federal financial aid regulations require that the university submit notification of all changes in status by students (full-time to half-time, etc.) to the U.S. Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System within a certain period of time. The university therefore reserves the right to withdraw a student from any class when it is evident students never attended the class (grade of UW); stopped attending the class (grade of WA or WF, as appropriate); or, due to incapacity, must be withdrawn from the class (grade of W). This policy is in effect for all students, regardless of any financial aid award. 

Failure to officially withdraw from classes, or the university, according to established deadlines in the Academic Calendar, the procedures referenced below and the timelines, as published by the Bursar's Office, does not relieve students of the responsibility to pay for any tuition/fees owed for such classes. In addition, if students cease attendance (drop or withdraw) from all federal aid eligible courses in a payment period, those students must be considered withdrawn for federal aid purposes. Students' financial aid will be adjusted as required by federal and state refund calculations and institutional policy, based on the last date of attendance as reported by the students' college/school. Students' withdrawals are reported to the National Student Loan Data System when any loan deferments need to be cancelled at the time of withdrawal. Finally, the date on which withdrawal forms are submitted to the university is the date used for any tuition refund calculations.


Students who are enrolled for one or more classes but decide to completely discontinue study for the term must formally withdraw from the university. Application for withdrawal must be obtained from the Office of Student Services. 

After obtaining the official withdrawal form, students who wish to withdraw from the university during the term must meet with the associate dean for academic affairs at the time of such action in order to be entitled to honorable dismissal. When students need to confer with any additional offices, the Office of Student Services indicates that on the official withdrawal form. 

If students stop attending classes during the term without the permission of the School of Dentistry, and the deadline to withdraw has not passed, they receive the grade of WA in each course. If the student is eligible for readmission, the student is required to re-enroll in the courses.

Withdrawal is not processed by the university or considered officially completed until the withdrawal form with all the necessary signatures is returned by students to the Office of Student Services.

In cases of withdrawal because of disciplinary reasons, students must be cleared by the dean to be eligible for readmission.

Students who intend to withdraw from the university after the close of a term are strongly advised to confer with the associate dean for academic affairs prior to withdrawal.


Students who wish to withdraw from one or more courses, but still attend at least one other course during the term, must contact the associate dean for academic affairs prior to withdrawal.

Students may drop a course by utilizing the CheckMarq system until the deadline to Add/Drop. This action results in removal of the course from the academic record. After this deadline, students may no longer drop a course but may withdraw and a W (withdrawal) grade is assigned until the withdrawal deadline, as posted in the Academic Calendar. Before withdrawal, students should confer with the Office of Student Services to determine what procedure must be followed. After the deadline, students are no longer given permission to withdraw from courses, except for serious non-academic reasons (e.g., injury, family crisis).