Transfer Credit Policy

In accordance with the University Transfer Credit Policy, the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences grants credit for courses taken for a grade and completed at a C or better at a regionally accredited college or university. Only credit transfers, not grades. Courses completed in a quarter-hour system are converted to semester credits. A Marquette equivalent is specified for each transferable course. Courses awarded as 9290-9299, (lower division) or 9390-9399 (upper division) indicate transferable credit for which there is no discernible Marquette equivalent. Courses awarded as 9290-9299 or 9390-9399 count toward the degree and may fulfill Marquette Core Curriculum, college curricular, or major/minor requirements; however, they do not fulfill any requirement where a specific course is required (e.g., PHIL 1001 Foundations in Philosophy or THEO 1001 Foundations in Theology: Finding God in all Things). Contact the director of student records with any questions or concerns regarding transfer of credit.