Chemistry, MS

Chairperson: Adam Fiedler, Ph.D.
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Degree Offered

Master of Science

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry offers outstanding research and educational opportunities in its graduate programs, leading to the master of science or doctoral degrees. The heart of the graduate degree is research, conducted in concert with a faculty mentor. The program requires 24 hours of course work, and students are advanced to Ph.D. candidacy after successfully completing a literature seminar (4th term) and research meeting (5th term). The program emphasizes development of the whole scientist.

Subspecialty areas of research within the Department of Chemistry include: photochemistry; molecular spectroscopy; organic chemistry; materials chemistry and nanotechnology; organometallic catalysis, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, crystallography, and theoretical chemistry.

General Information

For more detailed and comprehensive information about the master of science and doctoral programs in chemistry, students should consult the most recent edition of the Chemistry Department’s Graduate Student Handbook. This publication defines the current rules and guidelines that govern department and program requirements.

Second Language Requirements

Normally, no reading knowledge of a second language is required in either the master’s or doctoral programs. However, at the discretion of the student’s thesis or dissertation committee, proficiency in a second language may be required if it is necessary in the student’s research.

Proficiency Examinations

Incoming chemistry students must pass three proficiency examinations, which may be selected from among the four traditional areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry). Incoming chemical physics students must pass proficiency examinations in physics, physical chemistry, and one other area of chemistry. These examinations can be repeated up to two times each, and the student must pass three by the end of his/her second term of full-time study or the equivalent.