Credit Load - Graduate School

Graduate School Credit Load Policy

The maximum academic course load for Graduate School students is 14 semester hours of course work per term. Residents in the graduate dental programs have higher limits, as do students in the graduate nursing programs. Seven hours are the maximum permitted for each of the summer sessions that meet for 6 or fewer weeks. Teaching or research assistants may register for a maximum of ten semester hours each fall or spring term and seven hours for summer sessions that meet 6 or fewer weeks. Overloads must have the approval of the Graduate School on the Credit Overload Request form, available on the Marquette Central academic forms website.

All graduate students, except those with non-degree or temporary status, must be enrolled each fall and spring term to maintain their status. Registration in the summer is only required when students intend to graduate in August. A full-time load consists of 7 or more academic credits; three-quarter time consists of 5.25-6.99 credits; half-time consists of 4-5.249 academic credits; and less than half-time consists of less than 4 academic credits.