Biomedical Engineering, ME

Chairperson: Frank A. Pintar, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs website

Degree Offered

Master of Engineering

Mission Statement

The Marquette University (MU) and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Department of Biomedical Engineering is dedicated to delivering an extraordinary educational experience designed to empower the next generation of biomedical engineers, scientists and physicians. If you have a passion for learning and a desire to translate ideas into action — particularly those involving medical devices and health care technologies — let our faculty, staff and industry partners guide you on your journey. We develop leaders and problem solvers skilled at applying engineering, science and design principles to improve health in the service of humanity by:

  • Discovering and disseminating new knowledge;
  • Promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning;
  • Guiding students to meaningful and ethical professional and personal lives;
  • Fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research and education through academic and industrial alliances;
  • Continuing innovative leadership in education, research and industrial relationships; and
  • Inspiring faculty and students to serve others.

General Information

All admitted students are required to obtain and read the department’s Graduate Student Handbooks for each of the degree programs, which contains complete details about the biomedical engineering programs. The handbook for each degree is available through the Department of Biomedical Engineering website.