Theology, MA

Chairperson: Conor Kelly, Ph.D.
Department of Theology Graduate Programs website

Degree Offered

Master of Arts

Program Description

The Department of Theology offers graduate programs aimed at providing students an integrated approach to theology emphasizing the scriptural, historical, systematic, and ethical approaches to study in the Catholic and Christian religious traditions. We aim to develop scholars capable of making significant contributions to theological research and teaching a broad range of subjects in theology and religion. Our programs have prepared graduates to secure teaching positions in over 200 colleges, universities, and other educational institutions as well as for vocations in pastoral ministry and other service-oriented and non-profit organizations.

The master of arts in theology program has distinct specializations designed for students who intend to pursue doctoral degrees in theology or religious studies. It also has specializations designed for those working or aspiring to work in Church-related organizations involving teaching, religious formation, or other forms of theological communication, and for those seeking personal theological enrichment.