Sports and Exercise Analytics, MS

Program Director: Paula E. Papanek, Ph.D., P.T., L.A.T., A.T.C., FACSM 
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Degree Offered

Master of Science

Department of Physical Therapy Mission

To prepare future health care practitioners and researchers with an education rich in clinical experiences, community outreach, and research opportunities to develop leaders guided by the values of “Cura Personalis.”

Program Description

The sports and exercise analytics (SPRT) master’s degree is offered through the program in exercise science, within the Department of Physical Therapy. This degree provides a synergistic intersection between exercise physiology (EXPH) and computer science (COSC). Graduates of the sports and exercise analytics master of science program will have the analytic skills to develop new applications and interfaces for large and complex sport and human performance datasets combined with foundational knowledge in exercise/sport physiology by which to aid in the interpretation and translation of the results to consumers, end users and clients.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the master of science in sports and exercise analytics (SPRT), a student will be able to:

  1. Articulate changes, trends and implications using analytics tools that can be ethically addressed across data platforms.
  2. Design and implement strategies for analyzing data using appropriate methods, tools and datasets.
  3. Analyze data to create actionable information, and use it to establish priorities, make decisions and solve problems aligning with the ethics, needs and values of individuals, communities and stakeholders.
  4. Display and explain the results of analytics projects using effective written, graphic and verbal tools and techniques.
  5. Use advanced data processing tools incorporating regulatory, data governance, master data management, data profiling, parallel and distributed processing best practices.
  6. Manage data analytics projects and teams throughout the analytics lifecycle.
  7. Interpret and translate sports and exercise performance data for targeted consumers (private, public).

Academic Standards

A cumulative GPA of 3.000 is required in the sports and exercise analytics program. The Policies tab describes the criteria and procedures for academic warnings, probation, removal of probation and dismissal. The sports and exercise analytics program strictly follows these policies and procedures.