Transfer Course Credit - Graduate School

Graduate School Transfer Credit Policy

In order to protect the academic integrity and rigor of a Marquette graduate degree, limits are placed on the number of credit hours that may be transferred from other institutions, from Marquette in a different program, or from Marquette in the same program but in a different status (temporary or non-degree). Only credits directly applicable to students' Marquette degree program are considered for transfer, and there is no guarantee that a transfer request will be approved. Credits considered for transfer must be graduate-level credits or upper-level undergraduate credits that are acceptable for graduate credit at the institution offering the course.

Credits that are accepted for a Marquette degree, if transferred from another university, are not included when calculating the GPA. However, credits taken at Marquette in another program or in the same program but in a different status (temporary or non-degree), if accepted for transfer into a degree program, are included in the GPA. Only courses in which a grade of B or above is earned may be transferred for credit into a master’s program or used on a Doctoral Program Planning Form.

Credits approved for transfer from a school using a quarter-system transfer as two-thirds credit each when converted to Marquette’s semester system. Transfers from schools using a trimester system varies by school and must be evaluated individually.

Students are strongly urged to consult their advisers before submitting a transfer request and before taking any course for which they intend to request transfer credit.

Courses should not be taken at another university during students' final term, if those credits are necessary to meet graduation requirements. If a course or courses are taken at another university during students' final term at Marquette, their graduation could be delayed until the following graduation cycle due to the time necessary to receive an official transcript and process the transfer credit.