Transfer Course Credit - Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management Transfer Credit Policy

Limits are placed on the number of credit hours that may be transferred from other institutions in order to protect the integrity of the Marquette degree programs. Only credits directly applicable to students' Marquette degree program are considered for transfer and there is no guarantee that these are approved. All transfer credits need to be from AACSB accredited schools. Students are encouraged to have courses pre-approved for transfer prior to registering for courses outside the Marquette University Graduate School of Management. Credits that are accepted for a Marquette degree, if transferred from another university, are not included when calculating students' GPA. However, credits taken at Marquette in another program, if accepted for transfer into a degree program, are included in the students' GPA. Only courses in which a grade of B or above has been earned may be transferred for credit into a master’s program. Students are strongly urged to consult their advisers before requesting or taking any course which they want to transfer credits.

Normally, six credit hours of approved graduate work from an outside AACSB accredited master’s program are transferred with the consent of the Graduate School of Management. Exceptions to this limit are rare and must be submitted in writing to the director of the appropriate master’s program and the Graduate School of Management. Students can anticipate a maximum transfer of credit only in unusual or compelling circumstances. Students participating in the Jesuit Multilateral Agreement are allowed an exception to this maximum transfer of credit policy. Credits approved for transfer must be earned within the previous five years at an AACSB accredited school and affect the time limits for completing a Marquette program. Transfer credits are not permitted for certificate programs.

Only credits for courses directly comparable in content to the requirements of the current degree program are considered for transfer and no credits are considered until students have completed the Graduate School of Management’s Master’s Degree Transfer of Credit Request form, available on the Graduate School of Management forms website. Students must also have met the following conditions: 1) completed six credits (nine credits if admitted on probation) as a degree-status student in their Marquette master’s program; 2) taken the courses requested for transfer at the graduate level and for graduate credit; 3) earned a grade of B or above in each of the courses; 4) course must have been completed within five years; and 5) official transcripts are on file in the Graduate School of Management from the institutions involved, if other than Marquette.

Credits approved from a school using a quarter-system transfer as two-thirds credit each when converted to Marquette’s term system. Semester credit equivalents for transfers from schools using a trimester system vary by school and must be evaluated individually. Students who have fewer than the required number of credits for completion of the degree after such transfers must take additional course work to make up the shortfall. 

  1. Transfer credits do not apply toward Graduate School of Management specializations.
  2. Transfer credits are not permitted for certificate programs.
  3. Members of the Jesuit Multilateral Agreement (see Jesuit MBA Network Benefits) may transfer more than 6 credits of pre-approved course work into a master's program but not into a certificate program.
  4. Graduate level credits earned at Marquette, as degree students in a different graduate program or as non-degree students, may transfer following the same request and approval procedures outlined above. The transfer credit limits apply to these students, with the exception of the second master's degree. Students are responsible for initiating this process. 

To transfer credits from courses taken within Marquette University, the following limits apply:

  1. a maximum of 9 credits may transfer for a master’s degree of 36 or fewer credits
  2. a maximum of 12 credits for a master’s degree of 37-48 credits
  3. a maximum of 15 credits for a master’s degree of 49 or more credits. (See Earning a Second Master’s Degree for additional information.) 

Students in certificate programs are encouraged to seek advising regarding transferring certificate courses to master's degree requirements. Transfer credits from certificate programs to master's degree vary by degree. Note that no credits can be transferred into a certificate and no courses taken prior to admission to a certificate program can count toward that certificate.

Transfer credits taken the same term as projected graduation may be problematic. Official transcripts sent directly from the attending school to the Graduate School of Management are required by the deadline posted in the Academic Calendar. This deadline may be earlier than the completion of the term for which classes are being taken. It may be necessary for students to reapply for a future graduation.

Transfer of Credit form and the Transfer of Credit Checklist can be found on the Graduate School of Management forms website.