Inter-University Visitation

Marquette University participates in two programs, detailed below, by which its students may take courses at another university or college in order to expand the breadth of their education.


Marquette University has an agreement with the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. The course being taken at UW-Milwaukee must not be available at Marquette and directly relevant toward the degree requirements. In no case are more than six credits taken at UWM be counted toward degree completion at Marquette. Students must apply for admission to the host institution as a special student; the application fee is waived. Marquette students must complete an Inter-University Exchange Course Approval and Manual Registration Form, found online on the Graduate School of Management forms website, get their adviser’s approval, and submit the completed form to the Graduate School of Management. This registers students for the course (UWM course), which is a variable title and variable credit course (1-3 credits) that reflects the title and number of credits of the course at the host institution. Students must also register for courses at the host institution. Tuition is paid at the home institution for the BUAD 6932 course. The course at the host institution is tuition-free. Only degree-seeking graduate students in good standing are eligible to participate. A maximum of two of these exchange courses for a maximum of 6 credits may be included in the required minimum course work for the students' program of study at Marquette University. This course typically extends beyond the Marquette term; students receive an IC grade initially. The IC grade is changed to an A-F grade at the end of the course. Successful completion and posting of the final grade is required as a graduation requirement and may impact the term of graduation. Interested students should contact the Graduate School of Management office for additional information and enrollment forms.

Per written request from the students, registration and grade information may be shared between Marquette University and the external institution.

Jesuit Multilateral Agreement (Jesuit M.B.A.)

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. It is the largest religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. For centuries, Jesuits have influenced mathematics, business, astronomy, architecture, law, medicine and most academic pursuits. A primary mission of the Jesuits is education.

In 1996 a group of M.B.A. directors and administrators from Jesuit and Jesuit-friendly universities decided to work together to promote the many benefits of Jesuit business education. This consortium of 27 Jesuit and a subset of Jesuit-friendly schools include some of the most revered names in business education. The collective of resources of these schools provides you with a unique competitive advantage.

Across the United States, twenty-one AACSB accredited Jesuit and three Catholic, non-Jesuit universities formed a multilateral agreement. Students in the Graduate School of Management may, if necessary, transfer credits from a member of the multilateral agreement. Students apply for admission at the Jesuit M.B.A. school as a ‘Jesuit Multilateral’ applicant and submit all required application materials for the receiving school. The Graduate School of Management completes the Multilateral Agreement Form along with a letter of ‘good standing’ and forward this to the receiving school upon written notification from the students. Students benefit with a continued Jesuit education, ability to continue with the Marquette University M.B.A. and is not restricted to six transfer credits. Students must earn a B or better grade to transfer courses. Students earn the M.B.A. degree from the school that granted more than 50% of the credits. Students are encouraged to complete the Approved Non-MU Study Continuation form reflecting their appropriate registration status. The continuation registration keeps the students active as Marquette University students. Continuous registration is required every fall and spring term from their first registration through graduation. The continuation form is available on the Graduate School of Management website. Additional Jesuit M.B.A. information can be found on the Jesuit MBA website.

Per written request from the students, registration and grade information may be shared between Marquette University and the external institution.