Economics, MSAE

Program Director: Dr. Nicholas Jolly, Ph.D.
MS in Applied Economics website

Degree Offered

Master of Science in Applied Economics, Plan B Professional Project option only.

Program Description

The master of science program in applied economics is designed for individuals seeking careers as economics, financial or marketing analysts in business, industry, government or the financial sector. The program provides students with the solid grounding in economic theory and the working knowledge of advanced quantitative methods needed to succeed as business economists, financial analysts, economic and marketing researchers, government staff economists or economic consultants. The program concentrates on developing and applying practical skills which can be used to solve real problems confronting business and government. The curriculum is designed to produce practitioners who can develop and interpret economic models. Courses emphasize the application of economic theory and the use of quantitative techniques rather than the derivation of their theoretical underpinnings. Communication skills are stressed through frequent written and oral presentations of results from applied research projects.

Prerequisites for Admission

Applicants are expected to have a baccalaureate degree with at least one course in each of the following areas: intermediate microeconomic theory, intermediate macroeconomic theory, statistical methods and calculus. Familiarity with personal computers is also required.


Applied Economic Analysis, Business Economics, Business and Managerial Analytics, Financial Economics, Marketing Research

Application Requirements

Application requirements and the online application link are available through the GSM website.

Note: Students may apply for regular degree, non-degree or temporary non-degree status. Non-degree applicants and temporary non-degree applicants must submit all required application materials, except the GMAT/GRE scores. Non-degree and temporary non-degree status are not available to international students. International applicants must apply for regular degree admission status.

Students are encouraged to complete all application materials and apply for degree status. Non-degree status and temporary non-degree status are valid for a term or a limited number of terms as approved by the program director. Students with non-degree or temporary non-degree status are not eligible to continue taking GSM classes beyond the time frame the approved term(s) without degree admission. Typically, non-degree admission is not recommended in the M.S.A.E. program.