Registration - Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management Registration Policy

Changes to graduate students' enrollment are under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School of Management. Most enrollment changes, i.e., adding and dropping courses, can be done using CheckMarq, the online registration system. Instructions for adding or dropping courses are available on the Marquette Central Course Registration website.

Students must be registered by the deadline to Add/Drop for each session in which a class is offered, as outlined in the Academic Calendar. Students are responsible to ensure that their course schedule for each term/session accurately reflects the courses they plan to attend. Students may not attend courses for which they are not officially registered. The university does not retroactively register students for courses after the deadline to register for a session is completed and reserves the right to deny credit to any student who fails to officially register in any course within these time limitations. All courses for which students are registered are subject to tuition and in some cases, additional fees. Student are responsible for any payment due on all officially registered courses, regardless of attendance.

Students who do not plan to attend the university are responsible for dropping classes through CheckMarq, before the deadline to Add/Drop for the session/term and notifying the Graduate School of Management.  

After the deadline to Add/Drop for each session/term, dropped courses initiated by students become a withdrawal. Students must drop the course via CheckMarq, or in the case of a status change due to the drop, students must complete appropriate forms and send them to the Graduate School of Management before any enrollment change becomes effective. It is not sufficient for students to notify the course instructor or someone in the department office. The Course Drop or Withdrawal Form is available on the Graduate School of Management forms website. Once a permanent grade is assigned, it is not changed except for institutional error or policy. Students may not be dropped or withdrawn after the session in which the class is scheduled has ended.

Federal financial aid regulations require that the university submit notification of all changes in status by students (full-time to half-time, etc.) to the U.S. Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System within a certain period of time. The university therefore reserves the right to withdraw students from any class when it is evident the students did not start the class (grade of UW); stopped attending the class (grade of WA or WF, as appropriate; see the Grading section above); or, due to incapacity, must be withdrawn from the class (grade of W). This policy is in effect for all students, regardless of any financial aid award.