Registration - Health Science Professional

Health Science Professional Registration Policy

Normally, advising is required for all students prior to registration each term. Students who register for course work without adviser approval assume full responsibility for their registration. Courses that do not satisfy the requirements of their plans of study are not applied toward the degree.

Students complete class registration via an Internet-based system known as CheckMarq. Students are responsible to ensure that their class schedule for each term/session accurately reflects the classes they plan to attend. Students may not attend classes in which they are not officially registered. Students must be registered by the deadline to Add/Drop for each session, as outlined in the Academic Calendar. The university does not retroactively register students for classes after the deadline to add a class for any session, or after a term is completed and reserves the right to deny credit to students who fail to officially register in any course within these time limitations. All classes for which students are registered are subject to tuition and in some cases, additional fees. Students are responsible for any payment due for all officially registered classes, regardless of attendance.

Students who do not plan to attend the university are responsible for dropping classes through CheckMarq, before the deadline to Add/Drop for the session/term and notifying their respective department office. All courses for which students are officially registered as of the deadline to Add/Drop are subject to fee assessment and payment, and as such appear as part of their permanent record regardless of attendance. To avoid unnecessary fee charges and unnecessary courses with punitive grades on the permanent record, students are responsible to review their official registration prior to the deadline to Add/Drop and ensure that it accurately reflects the courses in which they plan to attend.