Finance, MSF

Program Director: Dr. Matteo Arena, Ph.D.
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Degree Offered

Master of Science in Finance, Plan B Non-Thesis option only

Program Description

The master of science in finance (M.S.F.) is a 30-credit hour program that may be completed fully online or with a combination of online and on-campus courses. The program offers courses in corporate finance, investments, fintech, banking and real estate along with interdisciplinary offerings in accounting and economics. Quantitative classes (e.g., applied econometrics) and training on the use of widely accepted statistical software across industries (e.g., Python, SQL, and R), are offered to help students develop data management and analysis skills. Students develop and complete a professional project with the aim of bridging the classroom knowledge and real world and exploring potential research ideas. The public oral defense of the professional project helps students sharpen critical-thinking skills.

The following are the learning outcomes for the master of science in finance:

  1. Demonstrate strategies and behaviors that reflect knowledge of the industry, decision making, and effective and innovative methods to deliver financial solutions.

  2. Apply ethical and data driven approaches to quantitative analysis of financial situations.

  3. Critically analyze global and domestic financial and economic issues to provide financial value to the organization.

  4. Conduct an independent empirical research project and effectively communicate the results of the empirical research both in written form and verbally.

The program can be completed in two years by part-time students and in three terms by full-time students. This program has an Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) option allowing Marquette undergraduate students to complete up to 9 credits of the program and apply the credits toward both degrees if the student earns grades of B or above and is accepted into the M.S.F. program.

Application Requirements

Application requirements and the online application link are available through the GSM website.

Note: Students may apply for regular degree, non-degree or temporary non-degree status. Non-degree applicants and temporary non-degree applicants must submit all required application materials, except the GMAT/GRE scores. Non-degree and temporary non-degree status are not available to international students. International applicants must apply for regular degree admission status.

Students are encouraged to complete all application materials and apply for degree status. Non-degree status and temporary non-degree status are valid for a term or limited number of terms as approved by the program director. Students with non-degree or temporary non-degree status are not eligible to continue taking GSM classes beyond the time frame the approved term(s)without degree admission. Typically, non-degree admission is not recommended in the M.S.F. program.