Repeated Courses - Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management Repeat Policy

Students in the Graduate School of Management (GSM) cannot repeat courses to improve grades. However, if students have failed a course and are allowed to continue studies, or have been readmitted, and the course is required in their degree requirements, students must retake the course. All grades received, including an F/WF grade, remain in the GSM grade point average. A minimum grade point average of 3.000 is required to graduate.

GSM students who must repeat a course need approval to do so. Approval is granted under certain conditions:

  1. Normally, the repeated course is taken at Marquette.
  2. The repeated course is identical to the original course in subject, catalog number, title, subtitle and credits.
  3. The repeated course is graded with the same grading options as the original, i.e., students may not exercise a different grading option for a repeated course, unless it is now a required grading scheme.
  4. These courses allow repeats: colloquiums, continuation, placeholder, independent study/research, internships, seminar/reading, studio/workshops, study abroad and variable title courses (e.g., topics) as appropriate to degree requirements.

Should students need to take a course more than once, other than those reference in item #4 above, students must file the Repeat a Course Permission form, found on the Marquette Central academic forms website.