Repeated Courses - Graduate School

Graduate School Repeat Policy

Graduate students who repeat a course may do so under certain conditions:

  1. The repeated course is taken at Marquette.
  2. The repeated course is identical to the original course in subject, catalog number, title, subtitle and credits.
  3. The repeated course is graded with the same grading option as the original, i.e., students may not exercise a different grading option for a repeated course, unless it is now a required grading scheme.
  4. A course in which a failing grade is earned may be repeated only once.
    For graduate students, a failing grade is defined as any grade that is unacceptable to be counted toward degree completion.
  5. Once a passing grade is earned in a course, the course may not be repeated.
  6. There are certain courses that are exempt from this policy and may be repeated. Examples are thesis and dissertation courses, independent study courses, topics courses, internship and clinical courses, UWM and MCW exchange courses and most continuation courses.
  7. When students repeat a transferred course at Marquette, only the Marquette course/grade are reflected in the total credits earned.

Should students need to take a course more than once, other than those referenced in item #6 above, a request to repeat must be filed using the Request Permission to Repeat a Course form found on the Marquette Central academic forms website. This request is only approved if students have not earned a passing grade in the course per Graduate School standards.

Additionally, the following policy defines the calculation of cumulative GPA and credit totals:

  1. All courses taken while students are in a graduate career and pursuing a specific degree/program combination are included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  2. When a course is repeated in an effort to earn a passing grade, both grades are included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  3. A grade of F or WF has a strong negative effect on the term and cumulative GPAs. Nothing in this policy alters the normal end-of-term academic review process, which may result in students placement on probation or consideration for disenrollment.