Repeated Courses - Health Science Professional

Health Science Professional Repeat Policy

Health Science Professional students who repeat a course, may do so under certain conditions:

  1. Courses in which a passing grade is earned may be repeated only once with approval of the department chair or program coordinator of the program in which the student is enrolled.  In most cases, repeating courses in a professional program will require additional time to degree completion.
  2. Normally, the repeated course is taken at Marquette.
  3. The repeated course is identical to the original course in subject, catalog number, title, subtitle and credits.
  4. The repeated course is graded with the same grading options as the original, e.g., students may not exercise the CR/NC option for a repeated course, unless it was originally taken with this option.
  5. Courses in which a grade of ADW, AU, AUA, F, NC, UW, U, UNC, UY, W, WA or WF has been earned may be repeated until a passing is assigned; and once assigned, the course may be repeated only one more time, regardless of the grade earned.
  6. A passing grade is determined as the grade required by the university grading policy, i.e., the minimum grade it takes to earn credit for the course. (See Grading System in this bulletin - where CR, D, S, SNC or SY are considered passing grades, thus a D or above, a CR, S, SNC, or SY are all considered passing grades for the purposes of this policy.)
  7. As an exception to the regulation, these courses allow unlimited repeats: colloquiums, continuation placeholder, co-ops, independent study/research, internships, practicums/clinicals/field work experience, seminar/reading, studio/workshops, study abroad and variable title courses (e.g., topics).

Credit hours earned in a repeated course are only awarded once; however, all previous courses and grades remain on the students' permanent academic record. The last grade earned is included in the cumulative GPA and the grade in the original course is excluded from the cumulative GPA calculation; however, all grades remain on the academic record. The cumulative GPA is adjusted at the time the repeated course is graded. If students receive an AU, AUA, ADW, W, WA or UW in the repeated course, the earlier grade remains in the cumulative GPA. If a student repeats a course that was transferred to Marquette, only the Marquette course/grade is reflected in the total credits earned and the cumulative GPA.

At the time of registration, the repeat process in CheckMarq allows the repeat of a course only once, unless the course is an unlimited repeat course (see #7 above). If a student needs to repeat a course and that repeat is allowed under the policy, they must petition this action via the Repeat Course Permission form, located on the Marquette Central academic forms website. This petition is granted only if the request is in adherence to all the repeat criteria listed above.