Professional Integrity

To function properly and maintain high standards, academic and professional disciplines expect members to adhere to standards of conduct and professionalism. Marquette expects its graduate students, from the beginning of their work at Marquette, to demonstrate the utmost personal integrity and the highest standards of professionalism, including adherence to any commonly recognized codes of conduct or professional standards in the graduate student’s discipline. In dealing with the public or campus community, in clinics, practica, internships, classrooms or elsewhere, graduate students must adhere to these standards. Violations of these standards may be grounds for dismissal or other penalties.

Professional Performance

All students in professional, laboratory or clinical settings must maintain fully professional behavior at all times. If, in the judgment of the academic unit, students are not living up to the non-academic standards, and that deficiency is a first offense or an offense deemed to be less serious in nature, a warning letter may be issued by the department to the students. If, however, the unsatisfactory behavior is a repeat offense or is more serious in nature, a recommendation is made to the dean of the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Management, as applicable, that students be dropped from the graduate program.

Student Conduct Code and Procedures

Graduate students are responsible for complying with the regulations and/or procedures of the Graduate School of Management, as well as those set forth in the online handbook. Violations of regulations found in the student handbook are administered by the Office of Student Development. If there is a conflict between the two applicable regulations or procedures, the Graduate School of Management's governs. If there are multiple components to the case, they may be separated and reviewed independently by the appropriate authorities.