Grade Minimums

Undergraduate business administration students must earn a grade of C or higher in each of a student's major requirements and electives including the core courses introducing the major. For example: MARK 3001 Introduction to Marketing and all 4000-level MARK requirements & electives for a MARK major. If a student is a single major in the College of Business Administration, the remaining upper division business electives beyond the major's requirements and electives can be below a C grade, so long as the university and college GPA is at or above the stated requirement.

Credit is never given twice for the same course, with the exception of different sections of variable topic courses. (Refer to the University Repeat Policy)

Accounting students must earn a C or better in ACCO 1030 Principles of Financial Accounting and ACCO 1031 Principles of Managerial Accounting prior to enrolling in ACCO 3001 Intermediate Accounting I.