Undergraduate students are expected to attend every exercise of the courses in which they are registered. Any absence, regardless of the reason, prevent the student from getting the full benefit of the course and renders a student liable to university censure. Since it is assumed that no college student should be absent from class without reason, the college does not differentiate officially between excused and unexcused absences.

When a student has absences in hours greater than two weeks of class periods, they may be dropped without warning, earning a grade of WA, at the request of the instructor or the dean of the college. After the WA grade has been issued, the student may not apply for a grade of W.

All students enrolled in courses taught by the College of Business Administration must conform to the attendance policy in effect in the College of Business Administration even though they are registered through another college or division of the university.

For more information on attendance, refer to the University Attendance Policy.