Independent Study Courses

The purpose of an independent study business course (4995-undergradaute, 6995-graduate) is to provide an independent, directed-study experience for the qualified student. Independent study courses are not available for those courses in the same term when the course is being offered. The appropriate use of an independent study course is to allow the further pursuit of topics and issues presented in a course and/or a legitimate course of study for which no regularly scheduled course is presently offered. Obtaining permission and approval for a 4995 or 6995 is contingent on the approval of the research proposal, the willingness of a specific faculty member to accept students' proposals and that faculty member’s willingness to work with students for the duration of the course. All 4995 or 6995 courses must have written approval from the instructor and the department chair. To qualify, students must have attained junior or senior standing. The Independent Study Course approval form is found on the Marquette Central academic forms website.