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Marquette University confers the degree of bachelor of science in business administration on those students who have satisfactorily completed one of the regularly prescribed curricula of the College of Business Administration. Students who successfully complete the Core Honors or Comprehensive Honors curriculum may earn a degree of honors bachelor of science in business administration or comprehensive honors bachelor of science in business administration, respectively.

There are many graduate program and accelerated degree program opportunities offered through the Marquette University Graduate School of Management.


Undergraduate majors for students in the College of Business Administration include accounting, applied ingenuity in markets, business administration, business analytics, business economics, innovation and entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, information systems, international business, marketing, operations and supply chain management, and real estate.

Students who wish to earn a bachelor of science in business administration degree must be resident in the college of business administration to complete the desired major(s) and earn the corresponding degree. Students residing in another home college at Marquette University can earn a second major in the college of business administration, but must complete an application and be admitted to the college for this second major. Students interested in a second major in business must complete all corresponding business core and major course work to earn a business major, in addition to any requirements of their home college.


The college also offers minors to non-business students in the disciplines of business administration, innovation and entrepreneurship, human resources, information systems, marketing, operations and supply chain management, professional selling, and sports management.

While non-degree students may not earn a minor, courses are also available for credit or audit to non-degree students with the proper prerequisites. The assistant dean is assigned as the academic adviser for non-degree students.