Business Economics, BS

Chairperson: Andrew G. Meyer, Ph.D.
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Economics at its core represents reasoning skills that are critical to effective decision-making. The economics discipline is a way of thinking about the world and factors that influence and shape actions of firms, consumers and governments. Economists apply their tools to seek solutions to business and societal problems that can help firms be more profitable, efficient and sustainable and help people lead more fruitful lives. The toolkit used by economists intersects with other business disciplines so you can pair Economics with other majors to personalize your curriculum. Economics students learn the theory as well as the analytic and quantitative applications of those theories, which prepares them for a wide range of careers in business, government and the non-profit sector. The Milwaukee metro area offers a great many advantages to our students, including access to internships with and careers in many top firms, government agencies and other organizations. In addition, the department has opportunities such as the Applied Global Business Learning and Czech Republic programs that offer the chance for students to apply economic skills in developing countries and/or on international business issues facing a country in the European Union.