Supply Chain Management, MS

Program Director:  Dr. Mark Barratt, Ph.D.
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Degree Offered

MS in Supply Chain Management

Program Description

The MS in Supply Chain Management is designed to develop ethical leaders in the field of supply chain management. The program is aimed at individuals with technical or business degrees who are looking to further develop their understanding of the roll of supply chain management in their organizations, lead technical teams and units as well as supply chain initiatives and innovations, and expand their organization's competitiveness through innovation use of supply chain management for business effectiveness and efficiencies. 

The program is offered online with three 1-credit in-person workshops. The program may be completed within one calendar year, including fall, spring and summer terms. Most students enroll in the S.C.M.M. program part-time. All students are required to complete and achieve a pass in the masters capstone applied project.

Students may pursue a specialization in Data Science. To complete the specialization, the student needs to take 6 additionally specified credits beyond the master's program requirements, which extends the student's program.

Prerequisites for Admission

Admission to the master's in supply chain program requires:

  1. a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university;
  2. an acceptable record of academic achievement at the bachelor's level and in any previous graduate course work. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.000 need to complete an admissions interview and may be asked to supply a GMAT/GRE score if evidence of quantitative work is not reflected in academic course work or professional work experience;
  3. an overall composite profile of admission data (including an evaluation of previous work experience) that predicts success in the program.

Application Requirements

Application requirements and the online application link are available through the GSM website.

Note: Students may apply for regular degree, non-degree or temporary non-degree status. Non-degree applicants and temporary non-degree applicants must submit all required application materials. Non-degree and temporary non-degree status are not available to international students. International applicants must apply for regular degree admission status.

Students are encouraged to complete all application materials and apply for degree status. Non-degree status and temporary non-degree status are valid for a term or a limited number of terms as approved by the program director. Students with non-degree or temporary non-degree status are not eligible to continue taking GSM classes beyond the time frame the approved term(s) without degree admission. Typically, non-degree admission is not recommended in the S.C.M.M. program.