Attendance - Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management Attendance Policy

The Marquette University Graduate School of Management considers regular class attendance an important component of the learning process. Students are expected to attend scheduled class meetings; excessive absences may have adverse consequences, ranging from a lowered course grade to forced withdrawal from the course. Excessive absence is generally defined as missing more than 10-15 percent of the regularly scheduled class time. Consult the instructor's course syllabus for additional details regarding a particular course.

Taking attendance is not required by the university, except on the first class meeting following the deadline to Add/Drop, as noted in the Academic Calendar, in order to comply with Federal regulations. Faculty must then notify the Office of the Registrar of students not in attendance via the Single Course Swap/Withdrawal: Faculty/Administrator Initiated form, located in the  Faculty Center in CheckMarq. In addition, students may not attend classes if not registered, and it is the responsibility of the faculty to inform students of this. Faculty may set their own class attendance policy in their syllabus, in accordance with department guidelines or requirements.


Certain grades are associated with attendance and are assigned to students according to the criteria as described in the grading system policy.