Graduation - Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management Graduation Policy

All students must apply for graduation by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. Graduation Application forms for Graduate School of Management students are available in the Student Center of the CheckMarq account. Graduation deadlines are scheduled well in advance of the date of Commencement to allow time for student academic audits and for printing diplomas, graduation invitations and program booklets.

The awarding of a degree or certificate is contingent upon students’ successful completion of all program requirements prior to the date of graduation. In addition, students' record must be cleared of all temporary grades (grades of I, IC, IE and NG) before graduation is allowed. Participation in commencement does not mean students have graduated. A cumulative grade point average of 3.000 or above is required to graduate. This includes all courses taken at the 5000 level or higher. Any exceptions to the total credits and minimum grade point average requirements for any degree and/or certificate must be approved by the provost. If students fail to graduate at the time originally anticipated, they must reapply online for the next graduation before the appropriate deadline stated in the Academic Calendar.

Students who have completed all of their degree or certificate requirements prior to a specific graduation date, but who have missed the graduation application deadline, may request a letter from the Graduate School of Management certifying the completion of their program; however, students must still apply for graduation and the diploma reflects the next graduation date. Furthermore, the university reserves the right to graduate students without a graduation application on file, once all requirements are complete.


The academic record of students is frozen once the degree is posted and may not be altered thereafter, unless required to do so by law and/or an egregious error is discovered after the posting. This includes, but is not limited to: all relevant grade point averages, grades, additional information relating to the degree(s), specialization(s) and academic censure.


Marquette University offers graduation on a weekly basis during the summer months and on a monthly basis during the academic year.  The additional graduation dates are used to accommodate students who are earning or earned a professional certificate issued by an agency other than Marquette University.  All graduate students other than those listed in the paragraph above are restricted to graduating in May, August or December of each year according to the Academic Calendar. In exceptional cases, students enrolled in other graduate programs not explicitly covered in the above policy may also be permitted to graduate during the additional graduation cycles providing that these students apply to graduate, have the support of their department, and the Graduate School of Management approves of their inclusion in the alternate cycle.