Law Student Consent to Take a GSM Course

Law students not pursuing the dual M.B.A./J.D. degree are eligible to take a maximum of 9 credits in the GSM pending approval from both the Law School and Graduate School of Management. Law students complete the Consent to Take Graduate School of Management course form posted to the Graduate School of Management forms website, obtain all required consents (i.e. Law School) and forward the form to the GSM office. If approved, the GSM forwards the student permission numbers to assist in the registration. Many GSM courses have prerequisites. It may be necessary for law students to provide a copy of undergraduate transcripts for the GSM to review for prerequisites. Likewise, the Transcript Forwarding Request form can be found on the Graduate School of Management forms website.

Law students may pursue the dual M.B.A./J.D. or M.S.H.R./J.D. degree. Further information is posted in the Dual Programs of Study section of this bulletin.