Continuous Enrollment

Students enrolling in a continuation course must register to activate their desired status. All continuation classes, which are graded on the SNC/UNC basis, require the consent of the students' department which must be secured prior to registering. The Graduate School of Management offers continuation courses to secure less-than-half-time status for all Graduate School of Management programs, course number 9970.

Graduate Assistants may utilize course number 9976 Graduate Assistant Research Continuation if approved by their adviser and associate dean. Graduate Economics students should seek advising regarding continuation course options specific to the M.S.A.E. program. Registration for Professional Project Continuation requires completion of a registration form, identification of the type and amount of work to be done, and the approval of the students' adviser and Graduate School of Management.

To apply for a Graduate School of Management continuation option, follow these procedures:

  1. Students and their advisers must complete the Graduate School of Management’s Continuation Course Enrollment Registration form and request the section that is most appropriate to the students' needs. The form is available on the Graduate School of Management forms website.
  2. Submit completed and signed form to the Graduate School of Management for review.
  3. If approved by the Graduate School of Management, students are given a permission number to be used during the registration process.
  4. Students are billed by the Office of the Bursar for the continuation enrollment fee.