Assistanships and Fellowships

All graduate students who receive merit-based graduate assistantships and fellowships must be full-time students in the term in which they receive the aid. Graduate students who receive merit-based tuition scholarship from the Graduate School of Management are not required to be registered full time. For assistantships, full-time status can be achieved by registering for a minimum of 7 credit hours or by taking six credits of course work plus the appropriate continuous enrollment course. These zero-credit continuous enrollment courses carry the status of full-time when combined with six credits of course work.

The course number used, in conjunction with the department acronym, is Graduate Assistant Research (full-time, FT) = 9976.

If graduate assistants need continuous enrollment, they must register for the appropriate continuation course. These courses are graded on an SNC/UNC basis. Registration for a continuation course requires that a student meet with their adviser (and director of graduate studies or chair if required by departmental policy). The student is issued a permission number for the appropriate course by their department. The student registers themselves for the course on CheckMarq. The student must register on CheckMarq for the continuous enrollment course on or before the deadline to Add/Drop, as per the Academic Calendar. Enrollment Information may not be accurate for students who are not registered by the deadline to Add/Drop and may affect requests for information provided through the Office of the Registrar (such as enrollment verification requests from lending institutions, insurance companies, etc.).