Graduate Credit

Graduate students who are officially accepted into the Graduate School can earn graduate credit for a course if the course is a 5000-level course or higher. As per university policy, the syllabus for a post-baccalaureate/graduate course (5000-level or 7000-level) that is cross-listed with a 4000-level course should include learning outcomes that clearly describe and distinguish the expectations of undergraduate and graduate students. These outcomes may be overlapping and/or represent different levels of engagement with the same content, but they must be communicated explicitly for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, any additional work and grade determination (e.g., exams, assignments, etc.) are required to be listed on the syllabus for the graduate-level class. See the section on Cross-Listed Courses for more information.

Graduate students taking courses while in a non-degree status may request subsequent transfer of credits to their degree program, once formally admitted to a degree program, by submitting a Master’s Degree Transfer of Credit Request Form, available online at the Graduate School forms website.