Courses and Prerequisites

  1. The prerequisites for any graduate program include an undergraduate degree or major which qualifies students for either research or academic work at advanced levels.

  2. The courses described for each program are graduate offerings. These are numbered 6000-9999. Courses numbered 5000-5999 are courses that are taken for graduate credit, cross-listed with 4000-level undergraduate courses. The last three digits and titles of the 4000-level and the 5000-level cross-listed courses are identical. Prerequisites for undergraduate 4000-level courses, found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, may also be required for the 5000-level cross-listed courses. Undergraduates who anticipate eventual graduate academic work are eligible to take 5000-level courses.

  3. Some courses are listed with a variable number of credits (e.g., 1-3 credit hours). Usually the department or college determines the specific number of credits for these courses each term. This information is published in Marquette Class Search or CheckMarq prior to registration for each term. For a few variable credit courses, (e.g., master's thesis, doctoral dissertation) the bulletin indicates the possible number of credits which might be taken during a given term. Students should consult with their adviser before registering for these types of classes to determine the appropriate number of credits for which to enroll.

  4. The specific courses offered during any given term are listed on CheckMarq for that term.